Smart Packaging

Following paper packaging, “one can with one QR code" is getting common in metal packaging indsutry. Unique and variable digital QR code is applied in packaging with ink-jet printing equipment. QR code has injected new vitality into the packaging industry, making each packaging one and only while diversified in the meantime. Those packagings can be traced by scanning variable QR code, thus preventing counterfeiting and cross region sales. In addition, by scanning QR code, customers can get credits and bonus rewards. Diversified packaging even have access to IOT by using QR code, thus making those packagings more rich in the contents, such as websites links, advertising videos and animations.


Since ink-jet QR code is vulnerable due to external factors, Shenzhen Daman Packaging Co., Ltd. has worked with other research and development institutes to launch a new microcode technology, whose size has been reduced to 40µm by using a patent algorithm, layer encryption, and high-definition overlying code. The number of microcodes is made up of an invisible QR code so that even in the case of scavenging codes, the invisible QR code can still access to data. In addition, in order not to affect printing patterns, microcodes can also be printed in a specific area on the can with stealth printing technology, and then specific scavenging device can be used to read the invisible QR code, which has greatly help prevent cross region sales.