Leaders’ Words

Dear partners, welcome aboard! A passionate while challenging sail is on the go, and you are warmly welcomed by all the Daman crew. Here is my exhortation and expectation for you as an old crew member .

Considering Work

Human is the major resource for a company’s development and talents’ quality determines which way it is going to go. Daman will continue to take the core values of “being customer-centered, hard-working, pioneering, collaborative and pragmatic" as our recruitment standard, giving priority to those venturous and responsible person. We actively advocate the employing principle that responsibility is better than ability. Here is not only a workplace, but also a stage to help you grow and give full play to your personal value. Those who have the courage to undertake more will be given more chances to succeed. The company's management team is committed to creating a fair, open and transparent home-like place, integrated with our corporate culture “The satisfaction of everyone will create a better future”, which altogether provide a guaranteed career for all the talents here in Daman.

Considering Attitude

The company’s greatest value lies in the growth of our staff and their satisfaction. All the staff are required to be responsible for themselves, for the company and for the society. Making sure our staff grow with the company is our pursuit. If you don’t agree with Daman’s core values and cannot concentrate on your job, you’d better go, but as long as you choose to stay, then work with your heart and soul. Each one of us will be a dancer in Daman’s platform, but whether we are brilliant or mediocre, outstanding or ordinary depends on ourselves. Our success will never be achieved without the joint efforts of every single staff. The success of Daman is the success of everyone.

Considering Study

We believe that no one will refuse to grow, no one will say no to excellence. When you walk into our company, you will find “creating an organization that keeps learning new things and the atmosphere where all the staff are willing to study" is also the culture we have been stuck to and the working environment we have provided for you. Daman is going to be a melting pot where you will be  forged and polished, which will be a valuable life experience only comes out by chance.

Considering Life

8 hours working time is highly admired here in Daman. In your off-work time, you can enjoy life as you like, and your colleagues become your partners regardless of their position. As long as you put your heart into Daman and work really hard, it will reward you with a prosperous career life. As long as you love Daman, giving full play to your own work duties while regarding it as your own “home”, you will become the master of Daman.

In the past years, a large number of talents gathered here, earning Daman a place in the packaging industry. Today we are also very happy to see that your arrival has injected another fresh blood into the company and increased our confidence for the future. I promise you will get good cultural influence, careful training, fair promotion opportunities and a prosperous development.

We sincerely hope that in the days to come, we will collaborate in a pleasant way on the basis of mutual trust and tolerance. Wish all of you grow with Daman! Together with Daman, work hard and harvest your own happiness!