• Q1.What can models do we have?

        502#I.D. 126.5mm       404#I.D.  105.5mm           401#I.D.  98.9mm

        307#I.D.  83.3mm        300#I.D.  72.9mm            211#I.D.  65.3mm

        603#I.D.  153.4mm      701#I.D.  175.2mm           202#I.D.  52.3mm


        The first 6 can models are more common, therefore are chosen most of our customers. You can check the real product pictures in Product Center .

  • Q2: What kinds of can products do we have?

       Infant formula, rice powder, baby food, nutrition and health products, snack foods, condiments and powder beverage.

  • Q3: Do we produce metal cans only?
        Daman has developed a complete series of matching services including can making, cover making, printing, plastic cover and plastic spoon, achieving the transformation from a processing and manufacturing enterprise into a service one. It focuses customers’ needs and will continue to create values for them with diversified services including can designing and packaging designing, and further help them complete the product upgrading and transformation.
  • Q4: Do do we do if there are differences between Daman standards and customers’ standards?
        Our standards strictly refer to international, national and customers’ standards. If customer’s standards are different from  Daman’s, we would firstly confirm the source, and then we  will communicate with the customers to further confirm it. Daman will carry out it in strict accordance with the standards identified by both parties.

  • Q5: How do we make sure that our products will meet customers’ demands?
        After receiving customers’ standard, it will be converted into our technical standard by the technical center, which will be strictly followed  from ordering, manufacturing to shipment. At the same time, repeated checks and comparison between products and sample signed by the customers will be done in different links including material inspection, manufacturing, and finished products, to make sure that our finished products meet the standards.

  • Q6: How to achieve on-time delivery?
        Daman now has 6 production bases - Dongguan, Daqing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Xi’an - that has fully gone into operation, with each base owning at least 2-3 can beltlines and the production rate reaching 120 cans at least. Our foreign bases (NZ and Holland) are now under construction, which will realize on-time delivery for global orders.

  • Q7: What’s our payment requirement?
        As for the payment details, the contract contents signed by both parties shall prevail.

  • Q8: How long will the delivery cycle time of our products usually be?
        The first batch of products will be delivered within 15 working days starting from the date customers confirmed the film colored drawings and  the down payment is in place; the follow-up delivery will be arranged according to customers’ requirement and plans.

  • Q9: Since we have so many subsidiaries, which standard should we conform to when auditing plants?
        Customers in China will follow the principle of proximity since our company has several production base in South, Central, North, East, Northwest, Northeast China. Overseas customer usually will inspect Dongguan(South China) plant.

  • Q10: Will we take the initiative to ask the customers about their use of our products?
        After the order delivery is done, we will  take the initiative to ask the customers about their use of our products and give follow-up reply or solutions according to their feedback or questions.