Qian Xiaoye

 "Qian xiaoye" is our new brand for the sanitary napkins of Qianjin pharmaceutical.


The 90s and 00s are completely different from the 80s, they are Independent and Confident.

They growing up in a pluralistc environment with an inclusive vision, they have their own thinking system and values that do not flow easily.

They are dare to love and hate.

They refuse hypocrisy, like sincere, The view of the world , wether happy or sad , or scorm dissattisfaction, is clearly written on the face.


They have clear target.

They are willing to make panistaking effots to pursue what they like and plan for themselves in the future.


They are kind to themselves.

They know how to respect themselves, know more about how to express themselves and love themselves; they know how to be strict in self-discipline how to treat themselves and raward themselves.