Nestle joints JD to open up the domestic market of organic milk powder
Date of release:2018年04月03日

Nestle joints JD to open up the domestic market of organic milk powder

From: Food  Mate

        With the continuous influx of imported milk powder, the milk powder enterprises began to compete for the domestic market through the layout of new products, while organic milk powder became a new field of competition. As one of the most famous brands of Chinese milk powder, Nestle has a strong distribution of the Chinese organic powder Market and launched the high-end products in the Chinese market, Zhuo Chun Nengen. It is worth mentioning that Nestle is the only channel to lock the sale channel of this high end milk powder on the exclusive sale on the online platform. The JD becomes the only canal. Tao Shang, which also shows that the traditional sales pattern of Chinese milk powder is facing new changes.

        Yan Kebin, senior vice president of the baby nutrition unit in Nestle's Greater China, said the alpine milk source used for the milk powder was in accordance with the organic standards of three parties in China, Switzerland and the European Union, and adopted a formula suitable for Chinese children. Organic infant formula has now become a top class vane in the world market. It is predicted that the annual growth rate of organic dairy products in the Asia Pacific region is over 20% from 2011 to 2017, and the size of local organic milk powder in China is about 2 billion 500 million yuan in the last year, and the import of organic milk powder (including cross-border purchase). The sales scale is more than 3 billion 500 million yuan, and the total sales volume of 6 billion yuan is doubled than that of 3 billion yuan in 2016. It is predicted that the sales of organic milk powder will reach 10 billion yuan this year.