Zhejiang Ying Yi promotes green and high scratch resistant laminated iron
Date of release:2018年05月14日

Zhejiang Ying Yi promotes green and high scratch resistant laminated iron

Source: Metal Packaging



Recently, Zhejiang Ying Yi metal packaging Co., Ltd. has introduced a green and environment-friendly and scratch resistant film laminated iron, which is used to solve the problem of corrosion resistance and rust caused by the easy abrasion of coating in the process of coating iron. The product uses environmentally friendly polyester (PET) thin film and thin steel plate (tin plating iron or chrome iron plating) for hot bonding. The production process does not use adhesives and solvents. It ensures the health and safety of the human body and meets the national standard of GB4806.10-2016 food safety.

       High resistance to scratch

      The standard weight of the ordinary coating iron for scratch resistance is 900g, and the high anti scraping film iron is tested for scratch resistance under the weight of 2000g, and the needles are not broken to the base layer, and the anti scraping performance is greatly improved.

       The improvement of scratch resistance will bring the following benefits

       1、The mechanical damage of the can body is greatly reduced, and the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance are improved.

        When the coating is scratched, the coating tinplate has the possibility of showing tin or exposure to iron. The content of the content is electrochemically reacted with tin or iron through the defective parts of the coated film, which dissolves tin or iron, produces massive diffusion corrosion spots, causes the film to fall off, or perforate iron corrosion iron, and produces food quality problems. Tomato paste and acidic beverage have higher requirement for uniformity and tightness of film.

        The characteristics of high scratch resistance laminated iron are corrosion resistance, and sulfur resistance . The special modified PET films have excellent anti scraping properties, thus ensuring the high corrosion resistance and hign density properties of the cans, and solving the defects of corrosion resistance of the coating iron. It is an ideal packaging material for high corrosion content such as tomato sauce, high acid beverage, high protein food (meat, fish and milk, etc.), high salt food and water-based coatings.

       2、The problem that the top and bottom cover is damaged by the sealing operation after filling is solved.

       The existing coating iron can easily cause damage to the outer side of the curled edges and the corrosion caused by metal exposure. The water, salt, sulphur, or other corrosive components in the surrounding air are chemically reacted with the defects at the edge of the reel, which leads to the rusting of the lid edge, which is common on the market. The rust problem of the lid will affect the overall beauty of the packaging. The feeling of unclean and unsanitary consumers reduces the consumer's desire to buy, and many food manufacturers are in urgent need to solve this problem.

        Full fusion of coated iron film and steel sheet produced by high anti scratch film iron covered iron high temperature melting method, plus excellent scratch resistance, will not expose the film completely to the outer rust when the cover is sealed, and improves the overall beauty and grade of the packaging.

       Green and environmental

       With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and food safety, especially in recent years, consumers' recognition of bisphenol A has increased the proportion of lanimated iron in food cans. The traditional metal printing must be processed, and the material contained in the coating method will have harmful effects on the human body and the environment, especially the canned food. Now the treatment is to apply resin to the inner and outer walls of the cans, which contains the harmful substance of the environmental hormone - bisphenol A in the coating used in the coating process. (Bis-phenol A) material, is an internationally recognized environmental hormone, and may appear dissolving problems. Once dissolving out of the standard, it will have a bad effect on the human body, and the serious consequences caused by this problem have aroused the attention at home and abroad. At the same time, after April 2017 19, all food contact coatings and coatings must comply with the requirements of the new national standard GB4806.10-2016.

       The high anti scraping film  covered iron lamianted iron is an environmentally friendly polyester (PET) film bonded to the thin steel plate (tin plated  or ferrochrome plated). The production process has no solvent and exhaust gas, without the use of adhesives and solvents, to ensure the health and safety of the human body, and to solve the problems of environmental irritable and volatile organic compounds. It meets the national standard of GB4806.10-2016 food safety.