The company on winning the "supplier quality Pioneer Award" of Yili customers in 2017
Date of release:2018年06月25日


      In March 28, 2018, CEO Zhang Lei and Zhang Zhengchang, the general manager of Tianjin, participated in the Yili Group's 2018 supplier conference in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia, and brought back the "supplier quality vanguard Award" gold cup for the Yili customers.

      Today, the company is honored with the long-term trust and support from customers. It is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of every family member. Thank you !

     Ren Zhengfei, President of HUAWEI, once said, "who will feed us? Only customers. If we don't serve our customers, we will starve to death. " Therefore, we can achieve ourselves by serve our customers.

    The four words are very simple to say, but hard to do. We should sincerely from the perspective of the customer, try to make the customer's needs and desires can be realized, the achievement of customers should be the starting point of all our work.

     How to make the "achievement customers"?

     The essence of achieving customers is to consider others first.

       1、Thinking from the perspective of the customer

       To establish a long-term customer relationship, we need to constantly think from the perspective of customers and constantly improve. Otherwise, the times are changing and customers are changing. If we do not progress, we will be eliminated.

       2、Focus on customer experience
       The level difference of customer experience determines the level difference of the brand, that is to say, the brand is experienced by the customer. Customer experience is the impression and feeling produced by customers based on their interaction with enterprises. It is a whole process. An ideal customer experience must be made up of a series of psychological processes such as comfort, appreciation, admiration and aftertaste, which bring a strong psychological feeling to the customer to gain value.

       3、Helping the customer to realize the value

       The core of the supply chain business model is how to correctly and comprehensively grasp the customer's value appeal. As early as 1954, Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, pointed out that customers don’t purchase and consume products, but values.

      Under the operation mode of customer value as the core, enterprises are no longer "meeting the needs of customers" but "helping customers succeed". The difference between the two is that, under the concept of "helping the customer success". The starting point of the company's business activities is not the short term needs of the customers, but the long-term strategic partnership with the customers to support the long development of the customers at a multi-level, full process, and full range of skills, knowledge and wisdom, thus promoting and deepening the business of the customer.

     Only if we consider the customer, the customer will gain something. Only by realizing the value of the customer, the customer is willing to cooperate with us for a long time in order to realize its value for a long time. This is also the secret of doing things successfully.

      Family member of Daman,  Let’s fight for the dream together.