The mayor of Dong Keng Town, Wang Yekuan, visits the Daman
Date of release:2018年06月29日

At 16:20 p.m. on May 23, 2018, Mayor Wang Yekuan, committee member, Li Jinqiang, director Wang Lianhui and director Huang Wen Jie visited Dongguan Daman. Leaders such as CEO Zhang Lei, director of the Quality , Yu Wangyue, accompanied them.

Accompanied by CEO Zhang Lei, Mayor Wang visited our exhibition hall, tin making workshop and iron printing workshop. In the course of the visit, we have a detailed understanding of the development process of the 19 years of our company, our importing and production equipment, independent research and development equipment, our product manufacturing and its application range, and highly appraised our company's product quality and wide application. It is full of confidence in the future development and benefit of our company.

After the visit, leaders of the mayor and senior leaders of our company held a cordial and deep talk in the conference room. At the meeting, the mayor said that the Dongkeng town government fully supported the Daman development of the leadership, the core team and the spirit of changing the technology.