Daqing on winning the "Daqing May 1st women's pacesetter post".
Date of release:2018年06月29日


    In April 18, 2018, the quality department of Daqing Daman tank making Co., Ltd. was awarded the "May 1st women's model military post" of Daqing city .

    In 2017, the sales performance of our company is a year of rapid progress. It is also an important year for our company's quality control and control. In the past year, under the guidance of the superior trade union, under the attention and support of the leadership of the grass-roots units, we guided the female staff and workers of the company with the important thought of "Three Representatives" as the driving force of the advanced sex education. The goal is to create a "bid for success", to emancipate the mind, to keep pace with the times, to develop innovation, to serve high efficiency, to take the safety of economic construction as the center, to keep all work from the reality, to give full play to the working enthusiasm and innovation spirit of the female workers and staff, to actively guide the quality control and control of the female workers and staff, and to ensure the safety of our department. It has made positive contributions to production, stability and development.

    In 2017, it was appraised as the excellent group of the DAS full production and storage company. In 2018, under the call and guidance of the superior trade union, the "female workers advanced collective" was contended. The women's organization took up the sleeves with a safe and stable development, without complaining and complaining. This group is a group of 5 group of quality control groups, all of which are female employees. They mainly undertake the inspection of raw materials in the factory, the inspection of the products from the factory, the quality control in the production process, the organization of the company and the staff of the quality related work, and the staff of the propaganda and group, and actively respond to the call of the company. Quality control, so that customers and consumers can use safe and safe packaging containers.

    The ordinary post has trained the diligent, simple and practical temperament. When every person here has just entered the inspection position, it will meet all kinds of small problems in the work, such as not understanding the performance of the product, the unskilled operation of the standard equipment, the inaccurate results of the test, the judgment of the quality of the quality, and so on. No one is discouraged at all. Instead, they try to study knowledge, practice skills and enrich themselves. Step by step, a bit of careful study, repeated thinking, really master the skills, test the correct data, make accurate judgments, the company's leadership, the customer's affirmation. For three consecutive years, it has been rated as an excellent supplier, and orders are flying like snowflakes.

    The mission of quality has become the result of quality inspection, which determines whether the product meets the requirements of the customers, meets the requirements of the customers, meets the requirements of the national laws and regulations, is safe and reliable, and is also a concrete manifestation of the completion of the whole inspection work, and the products we offer should be in conformity with the national food safety. It is required that whether the raw materials have no fluorescent substances, no additives, the migration of three chloramine, the migration of heavy metals, the migration of the bisphenol A, nonylphenol, the contamination of the pathogenic bacteria, the leakage of the product, the mildew of the product and so on, are all related to the safety of the products. Therefore, in the work, the inspection instrument and the inspection of the medicine are our " "Boudoir" is precise and meticulous. It has become the state of work. The laboratory medicine needs to be fine to every milligram. The process of testing should be meticulous and meticulous. To do every small detail, from the original to the present growth, it has become the "old driver" with excellent theory and Practice. But we clearly understand and examine. We must not be careless and know how to work hard. We must be responsible for ourselves, responsible for the company, responsible for the society and responsible for the country.

    In the day after day, year to year work, the women who fight in the front line are strictly keeping the security line to stand on their posts, protecting the company's safe production, following the footsteps of the company's safety production, and the people who have hit the post running water are constantly generating this new and old alternation in this process, and the people are passing generation by generation. In the change, the process is changing, the only constant is the seriousness and meticulousness of the inspectors. In life, these people also play the role of mother, wife and daughter. Some people immediately put into the work of the family for everyone, and there is no place to show the beauty and greatness of the women.

    In 2018, we will continue under the leadership of the superior trade union, with the support of the leadership of the company, with the power of "construction industry marking post" and "towel cap marking" as the motive force, we will keep pace with the times, develop innovation, continue to be the enterprise and escort for the vast number of consumers.